The two words that always reside on the mind of a business owner are ‘repeat traffic.’ Whether that business owner owns a physical store or an online store. It is important to invite visitors for their first visit. It is more so important to lure them for their second visit and third visit and so on.

What attracts visitors to a physical store? Quality products, pleasant display, friendly staff, discounts on offer. The same attracts visitors to an online store or any online business for that matter. Once visitors start repeating their visits, soon they wouldn’t mind paying for it. And that is what a business ultimately aims for – revenue. We have already explored here that content is the primary key in repeating traffic. Now in this article we are going to discuss some other tips and tricks to generate repeat traffic.

  1. Design the Website Thoughtfully

The display of the products you are offering – whether informative articles or kitchen ware – is important. It gives aesthetic value to the website, not to mention its utility in helping visitors effortlessly search for what they are looking for. You might be offering household furniture at half price but visitors will less likely care if the webpage is lousy. A difficult to read format, lack of uniformity of format across the website, clutters, difficult navigation always repels visitors.

Get your website designed with consideration. Take inspiration from other successful sites as to how are they offering their content. Think of your site like a bookstore – precise organization till the very last book. Menu and navigation should be simple, pages should have a consistent format and tidiness and cleanliness should be all around.

  1. Monthly Newsletter

The internet is a crowded place and chances are that your visitors are simultaneously visiting at least 2-3 other websites similar to yours. So how do keep reminding them about their last pleasurable visit and about what you offer stands apart? Through a monthly newsletter. A monthly newsletter is a piece of advertisement that you send right into the mail box of your visitors informing new offers, new blogs and new added features of your websites with their quick hyperlinks.

For designing a newsletter, you don’t need to do much. You already have site’s content at your disposal. All you need is a new page with a few formatting changes and layouts and you are all done. This newsletter is nothing but a brief of your high points for the month gone by and for the month coming by.

For mailing this newsletter, you would of course need email addresses of your visitors. Add a small blurb on the home page asking visitors to sign in and receive updates and exclusive offers each month. You can also add text like this to each of your article/blog/content piece – “To receive updates on more of such interesting blogs; please share your email address.”

  1. Reach Out to Social Media

Be active and engaged.  Don’t rule out Twitter and Facebook assuming that they are mere fads. These platforms are powerful and of late have made and broke many companies. They can make your site credible or dubious. Once termed something on Facebook, it stays like that for a long time.

 I found this interesting post on the top three social media metrics that every internet business should take advantage from.

  1. Influential links

You should include in your content, links of other influential websites of your subject matter. These links should be mutual. You give the link for a particular website, that website gives its visitors link to your webpage. Just make sure that you both are selling separate services of the same subject matter (so that your interests don’t collide or you are not chasing a customer for the very same reason). Like if your website sells book, you can make such a mutual agreement with sites which review books or offer blog about books. If the book review website has written about a bestseller, it can provide your website as a link from where interested visitors can buy that book from. Similarly in your page where you are selling that particular book, you can give link to their website as to where visitors can read review for that book.

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