Start Your Business While Working Full-Time Job

Find answers to most common excuses ….

  • You don’t have time to start business
  • You don’t have money to start business
  • You don’t know how to start a business
  • I want to start, but if only I didn’t have …. 


Grow you venture big before you quit the job.



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I have been thinking for years to start my own business but couldn’t start. Now I can start my venture part-time and when I am ready I will become full-time entrepreneur

- ”Amith Mishra”, ”Brand Marketer”

This is the quote from the book “I would rather fail trying than live with the guilt of not trying”. No more excuses from me. 

- Juan Mark, Programmer

I wish I had read this book long time back. I really didn’t know that I can start my business with less investment by using freelancers and leveraging technology. 

- Jessica, HR Admin